Our Team

The MESSAGE team is composed of research and policy experts from range of disciplines, from medical to social science.

Project Team

Prof Robyn Norton AO

Founding Director and 
Principal Investigator
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Prof Robyn Norton AO

Dr Kate Womersley

Research Fellow and 
Principal Investigator
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Dr Kate Womersley

Alice Witt

Research and Policy Fellow
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Louise Cooper

Programme Manager
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Marina Politis

Research Assistant

Investigator Group

Anastasia Alden

Communications Manager
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Dr Carinna Hockham

Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Prof Chloe Orkin

Professor of Infection and Inequities
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Claudia Batz

Policy and Advocacy Advisor
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Emma Feeny

Director of Impact and Engagement
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Dr Katherine Ripullone

Research Associate
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Prof Mark Woodward

Senior Professorial Fellow
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Advisory Group

Prof Kathryn Abel

University of Manchester

Dr Michael Brady

NHS England

Prof Kent Buse

The George Institute of Global Health

Dr Rageshri Dhairyawan

Queen Mary University of London

Prof Sally Hines

University of Sheffield

Dr Lilian Hunt

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Science and Health (EDIS)

Dr Ian Kidd

University of Nottingham

Dr Catriona Manville

Association of Medical Research Charities

Prof Neena Modi

Imperial College London

Dr Esther Mukuka

National Institutes of Health and Care Research

Dr Sanne Peters

The George Institute of Global Health

Dr Ana Catarina Pinho-Gomes

The George Institute of Global Health

Prof Londa Schiebinger

Stanford University

Dr Amy Vassallo

Dr Ben Vincent

Our Partners

We are engaging with stakeholders from across the biomedical, health and care research sector in the UK, including all four devolved nations. This includes government funders:

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  • Medical Research Council Logo
  • NIHR Logo
  • UKRI Logo

Charitable funders:

  • Alzheimer's Society Logo
  • Blood Cancer UK Logo
  • Breast Cancer Now Logo
  • British Heart Foundation Logo
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Epilepsy Action Logo
  • MS Society Logo
  • The Royal Society Logo
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We are also engaging with the Department of Health and Social Care, the Association of Medical Research Charities, NHS England, patient representatives and researchers.

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The George Institute for Global Health

The George Institute for Global Health is an internationally renowned research organisation with a mission to improve the health of billions of people worldwide. Through research we identify new evidence to prevent and treat noncommunicable diseases and injury, particularly among those living in disadvantaged circumstances. Our findings are used to drive change, steering towards our ultimate vision – a world where all people live longer, healthier lives

The Institute’s Women’s Health Program was launched in 2018, aiming to promote a lifecourse approach to addressing women’s health issues. The aims of the programme are to:

  • Address the leading causes of death and disability for women, specifically non-communicable disease and injury. 
  • Improve our understanding of the biological and social differences between women and men and how those differences affect health. 
  • Address other important women-specific health issues. 

The MESSAGE project is delivered by a team at The George Institute for Global Health UK, in partnership with Imperial College London. The project is funded by the Wellcome Trust. 

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